New Year, New House, New Rules

Like all reasonable human beings, Hattie and I don’t start our New Years resolutions in January; we start them in February. There are a few reasons: for one thing, January is a terrible, cold, miserable month which is best spent drinking as much wine as possible while sitting in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy. For another, we’re usually moving house.

But now you will be delighted to hear that we are out of Essex forever and finally where we belong: somewhere along the Picadilly line, just a tube journey away from some of the world’s most incredible brunches. And we’re going to keep you informed as we search for the best one. But before we get started, just a few bits of housekeeping:

Discovering the BS in the STBSS

All life is just trial and error, you know? Recipes are perfected by trying them over and over again. You kiss a lot of frogs before you find that one special amphibian (or two special amphibians, or maybe you’ll discover that you’re happy on your lilypad all by yourself – we don’t judge here). And when you start your own food review blog, sometimes you create really elaborate scoring systems that some might call “pointless” (and those people would be both painfully ironic, and factually correct).

The idea of a Super Technical Brunch Scoring System was pretty exciting when we first made this blog. The fact that the quality of the restaurant’s food was weighted the same as its twitter account was a pretty funny quirk. But the fact that it was also weighted the same as the atmosphere, service and menu range meant that in the end, food quality just wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. Somewhere with a beautiful building but crappy eggs could rate higher than the ACTUAL Best Brunch Ever – if that brunch happened to be served in a shack.

And that just doesn’t seem fair. So from now on, it’s going to be all about the words, which – as writers and English graduates – is what we’re good at anyway.

Conquering lifelong fears

When I was four, my grandma used to ask me when I was going to start eating fruit.

“When I’m five,” I would tell her with authority.

When my fifth birthday came around, I would decide that actually it was a bit too much pressure, and I would eat fruit when I was six. One year later…

“Amy, would you like a grape?”

“No thank you. I’m going to eat them when I’m seven.”

I’m now 23, and even I’ve got to admit that it’s getting a bit silly. The thing is, it’s just become a *thing* now, you know? I have brown hair, blue eyes, I love Taylor Swift and I don’t eat fruit. It’s just a fact.

But it’s February, which means I’ve actually got to start those New Years resolutions, and this year is The Year. I moved to London, I’m growing out my eyebrows – and I’m going to teach myself to like fruit.

And I’m going to do it here, on the internet, so you can all share in my journey. Ever wanted to know what it’s like to eat an apple for the very first time? Now you will.

Food Porn Friday

Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere! My own father thinks that this – the bit I have nothing to do with – is our best feature, so Hattie will be back sharing some of her favourite photos and recipes every fortnight, starting this month.

Got a favourite type of brunch food that you want to see? Suggest a theme in the comments and she will start investigating!

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One Response to New Year, New House, New Rules

  1. Ellen says:

    I’m nearly 32 and also a life-long anti-fruit fan! New years resolution this year: Eat a banana. Achieved last week…I did it! And now I never have to eat one again!


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