Amy vs Fruit: Bananarama

Amy vs Fruit bananaWell, last fortnight’s apple eating went better than I expected, so now that it’s time to eat a banana, I’m feeling pretty good.

Bananas are one of the fruits which I am slightly less apprehensive about. No, I haven’t eaten one since I was a tiny child – but I do have a distant memory of eating them. I’m pretty sure they were the fruit I ate for the longest time. (And by “the longest”, I mean until I was about four. Still, I sort of remember not hating them, which is more than I can say for everything else.)

So. We all know why we’re here. We all know what a banana is. Let’s get to it.

Peeling a banana feels almost cartoonish after so long – I feel like I should leave the skin somewhere conspicuous in order to illicit some unfortunate hijinx.

The first bite is soft – softer than I expected – but not unpleasant, and I quite like the sweet taste. It’s not sharp like the apple, or particularly strong flavoured, it just feels satisfyingly banana-like. Like an old friend who you irrationally shunned for most of your life for no real reason.

I eat the whole thing quite happily, feeling a little foolish. I like bananas, apparently. And that’s the end of that.

Part 2: Pancake Day!

As always, here at Best Brunch Ever we’re a little behind schedule. I’m fully aware that Pancake Day has since passed, and we’re well into lent now. But if one of our blog’s defining traits is “late”, the other is “really, really into pancakes”.

Now, I get a little scary around pancakes. I’m usually very happy for Hattie to take the lead when it comes to cooking in the Best Brunch Ever house, because she is indisputably better at it than I am. It’s a pretty regular occurrence for me to open the fridge and melodramatically declare that we have nothing to eat and we’re going to starve, and then she will roll her eyes and half an hour later we will be eating the most amazing risotto or stew or pasta dish of our lives.

But when it comes to pancakes, I have to take over. It makes me agitated not to be in charge. My best school friend has never quite gotten over the Saturday afternoon that I watched her slowly eviscerate her first pancake, only to snap and practically force her out of her own kitchen. “Just DON’T touch anything!”

Sorry, Phanida. I have a problem.

So even though this year I was trying to be cool – It’s no big deal, you don’t have to be in charge, you can let other people do it – it didn’t really last. At least this time there was no yelling.

Making a good pancake is an art. You need just the right amount of oil. You’ve got to spread the batter evenly, and keep lightly rolling the pan as it solidifies on the heat. Use a spatula around the edges to keep it loose, make sure it doesn’t get stuck to the bottom, and flip at just the right time. And there’s nothing more satisfying than perfecting the pancake flip. It’s all in the wrists, of course.

For a great banana pancake – at least, in my opinion – it needs to be all chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Chop up the banana and spread half equally around your finished pancake.

Banana pancakes 1

Cover it in chocolate sauce.

Banana pancakes 2Use as much whipped cream as you can. Don’t be shy. There you go.

Banana pancakes 3And, if you’re feeling particularly daring, cover the cream in chocolate sauce too. Just to really finish it off.

Banana pancakes 4

Leslie Knope would be proud.Leslie pancakes

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