Amy vs Fruit: Raisin the roof

Part 1 – The sadness of tiffin

Raisins Amy vs Fruit

When I was a tiny child deciding that I would no longer eat fruit, it was a sweeping generalisation. Like all generalisations, it’s inherently flawed. Why did I decide that apple juice was okay, but jelly babies were not? As an adult, why would I drink thick fruit cocktails, but not thick fruit smoothies when they are essentially the same? Why do I prefer fruity white wine but shudder at raisins?

Now that we’re a little way in to Amy vs Fruit, a pattern is beginning to develop. So far, I’ve generally preferred the fruit when it’s cooked in something. This makes sense – if you want to teach yourself to stop hating a certain food, it’s easiest to disguise it as something you already like. Parents know this; they have been sneaking carrots into bolognese since the dawn of humanity (probably).

Now that I’ve established this, it would be good to teach myself to like useful fruits as well as the classics. And raisins get EVERYWHERE. Every time I see chocolate tiffin in Costa I get excited because it looks so delicious, only to be crushed by disappointment.

The problem is, they look gross. Let’s not pretend that they’re anything more romantic than wizened grapes.

Luckily, as I dutifully eat a handful before dinner, I don’t hate them in practice nearly as much as I hate them in my head. They’re kind of unpleasantly chewy, which has always been one of the main problems, but it’s something I could get used to rather than something I’m forcing myself to finish.

Finally! Another success! Amy 2: Fruit 4.

Part 2 – Oat Cuisine

Oatmeal ingredients

Cookies! Oatmeal and raisin cookies! Two gross sounding words followed by everyone’s favourite word!

Find the recipe here, on my favourite place to find the simplest, cheapest recipes: BBC Good Food.

Step 1: Soak your raisins in boiling water for 20 minutes. Watch in amazement as they slowly become slightly less wizened than before.

Sugar and raisins

Step 2: Mix together the vegetable oil, sugar, egg, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that literally all of your favourite things (except bacon) are currently in one bowl.

Step 3: Mix in the extra water, the oats and the raisins.

Step 4: The best part. Squishing it all together into little cookie shapes and putting them on a tray.

Oatmeal cookies


Verdict: Easy to make, and you can almost convince yourself its healthy because of all the oats.

I’m finally going to eat so much tiffin.



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