Amy vs Fruit: Grape expectations

Part one: Variety show


What is the obsession with grapes? Everyone is always presenting them to sick people and draping them in fruit bowls and dangling them over the mouths of Roman emperors.

And speaking of unrestrained decadence, it’s my birthday week! By the time you are reading this, I will be halfway through four consecutive days of fancy dinners and bottles of white wine.

Please keep me in your thoughts during this difficult test of my endurance. I believe I can make it through this. Your faith will help me on my way.

As a special treat for you guys, I decided to try both red AND green grapes, just to add a bit of variety. When I ate the apple, everyone was all “But what about Granny Smiths? What about the other 7,499 varieties of apple?”

So because you are apparently far more committed to my fruit education than I am, I’ll try two different types of grape.

I decide to start with a red one, and my initial impression is somewhat underwhelming. It’s FINE I guess, not disgusting, but not great either. It’s not enticingly sweet, not unpleasantly sharp. It’s just … fine.

But then I immediately want another. Maybe it’s because they’re so small, or maybe it’s because there’s something in the aftertaste, something familiar and comforting that I want to recreate…

I try a green one, and it’s a little sharper, but I don’t mind it at all. Both varieties are incredibly juicy, and the burst of flavour is very refreshing. I keep going.

I just can’t think put my finger on why I like them so much…

Part two: Happy birthday me


… Oh right. That’s why.

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