Bun & Bar (Green Lanes)

I get a bus down Green Lanes twice a day, as part of my commute. I sit on the top deck and I look at the Turkish restaurants, the laser hair removal salons, the weird Russian gym and the ever-growing number of hipster coffee shops and I think it might possibly be one of the most wonderful streets in the city. Green Lanes leaves me high on the inexhaustible variety of life.

Bun and Bar sells burgers. They’re good at it. They also do cocktails, which are excellent. Prices start from £7, which for London is pretty good too. The atmosphere is relaxed – no table service, just go and order from the bar, like a real pub. I’ve gone for dinner on a few occasions now and haven’t been disappointed.

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Brunch, on the other hand… I’ll pass. I ordered an eggs benedict and I just felt rather overwhelmed by it. The sauce was, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, too buttery, with no body to it. The poached eggs were underdone. And putting it on top of a brioche bun just made the whole thing too rich. Maybe, with a little less hangover, in a little better mood, it would all have come together – buttery sauce, runny eggs, soft sweet bread – but I couldn’t finish it.

I did get a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups milkshake though and it was delicious. They serve them all day. Definitely, if you’re looking for somewhere on Green Lanes for a casual dinner and drinks catch up where you probably won’t have to book, I would recommend it.

Then again, you can also get a Chicken Shish Kebab from Antepliler across the street and you’d be just as happy. Green Lanes is good like that.

– Hattie

Reese's peanut butter cup milkshake

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Just like Hattie, I am absolutely in love with our little corner of London. I’ve talked about Haringey before – but Green Lanes is our patch.

Despite its name, Green Lanes is actually a road. A very, very long road. It’s right at the heart of London’s Turkish community, with lots of exciting restaurants which are consistently rated the best Turkish eateries in London.

On this particular day, it was my birthday and we did not go to one of those places.

Instead we went to Bun & Bar, because, well, we knew they did brunch. I like Bun & Bar a lot – it has good burgers and great cocktails (although my family was visiting later in the day, so sadly this is not a classic Amy-and-Hattie-start-drinking-at-11am story. Don’t worry, our next review will make up for it). It’s owned by some fun bearded hipster types who project a weird black-and-white cartoon montage onto one of the walls. It’s a the best “hip young media professional” place which is a five minute walk from our house.

(Yes, Hattie and I are terrible gentrifying young people. Please don’t throw cereal at us, or tell our landlords, because they might put the rent up if they find out. In fact, why doesn’t everyone just agree to leave Green Lanes in its only marginally gentrified perfection?)

I ordered the sausage, bacon and egg breakfast burger, and it was pretty good – the egg was runny (although now that I’ve read Hattie’s half, maybe it was just underdone? I liked it anyway, mopping up yolk is one of my top five brunch activities). The bread was a bright yellow brioche. My notes tell me that the sausages were “proper nice”. And how bad can bacon be?

Birthday brunch with @breadforsong!

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My notes from the morning finish with the all-caps exclamation “YAY” so I must have been pretty happy – although maybe I’d just opened the gorgeous Benefit bronzing kit which Hattie had given me because she is an excellent friend. (I HIGHLY recommend a base of the bikini-tini cream paired with the thanks-a-latte longwear shadow. It’s my official eye look of Autumn/Winter 2015.)

My only complaint was the coffee, which was a bog-standard affair from Illy, complete with branded cup. When everything else in the place is so carefully hipster chic, I feel like this an area for improvement. Where’s the special Brazilian roast, served in a flower pot or some other awkward but photogenic receptacle? Think of my instagram followers, Bun and Bar. It’s my BIRTHDAY.

– Amy

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