Hattie Vs Cheese: Which cheese surrounds a castle?


And that’s as good as this blog is gonna get.

If you thought last month’s blog was sort of cheating because I clearly actually like Cream Cheese, boy are you in for a treat. Because the truth is, I love Mozzarella. It’s basically just chewy milk, and I drink a lot of milk. I promise you guys, I do actually hate cheese… just, my mum set the timetable for this blog, and she started me off with some easy ones.

There’s also no way you can be as big a fan of Italian food as I am and avoid Mozzarella (though I guess you could say the same of Parmesan, and that I have definitely never learned to like. It goes squarely in the ‘why did you ruin my pasta with this disgusting powder that smells like sick?’ column.). It’s so good and it’s everywhere, and it’s the real mark of an authentic Italian restaurant, I feel.

So I guess in the UK we have two types of Mozzarella. There’s the plastic-y grated stuff that comes in bags that we melt on top of pizzas, and I think originally wasn’t even technically classed as cheese at all, and which my Italian colleague Manu would probably burst into tears if I ever showed her. And then there’s Buffalo Mozzarella, which we all know is the real deal, except not as real as the stuff in Italy and still sort of makes Manu cry out of homesickness even when she’s making me the best gnocchi I’ve ever tasted.


I’m focusing on the second kind, anyway. I think. Actually the first mozzarella I had this month I ordered at a restaurant so who knows what it looked like originally. It was inside the Arancini I had as a starter, and it was without doubt the nicest part of my meal, at what turned out to be a pretty mediocre restaurant.


Then I bought some mozzarella to have at work, which is something I do quite often. I put it inside a fresh panini from Sainsbury’s with Palma Ham and Rocket and microwaved it for a minute and it was divine.


Then I remembered the whole point of this blog was that I wasn’t supposed to only eat cheese that had been melted, seeing as that had been my entire life until this point, so the next day I had all the leftover ingredients cold and without a panini. It still tasted great. Mozzarella melts well, obviously, but it’s also delicious as it comes – chewy, milky, creamy, totally inoffensive. That said, I didn’t remember to take a photo, so here’s another picture of the panini.


I tried to make the most out of this month because next month I actually have to eat a cheese I’ve never eaten before (“Something soft, but with a rind, like a Brie or a Camembert”… RIND??? Shudder.) That said, I’m not as funny at these blogs as Amy is, so maybe as our hit count continues to dwindle I can just fade out and never write another blog about cheese and no one will notice…



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London-based poet. Previously published on the underground, currently can't remember how to actually write.
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One Response to Hattie Vs Cheese: Which cheese surrounds a castle?

  1. you cannot back out now….


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