About us

do you remember how we brunched

Hattie (right)

Hattie works in publishing in Camden. Having been a fussy eater for most of her life, she is now desperate to eat all the things. As such she quests for brunches that are innovative, exciting and testing the very boundaries of what a brunch can be. Then again, she also just loves buttered white toast.

Perfect brunch: Eggs Royale with a passion fruit smoothie

Brunch hero: Jamie Oliver


Amy (left)

Amy is a writer and editor living in Chelmsford but brunching in London. She likes her brunch simple: bacon, eggs, preferably some kind of waffle and/or pancake situation. Brunch at the weekend is also the only time she’s allowed to drink coffee. She hates all fruit unless it comes in juice or cocktail form.

Perfect brunch: Meat on a waffle

Brunch hero: Leslie Knope


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